As an avid vinyl collector, music enthusiast, and slightly OCD person, I love organizing things. After collecting for some time you begin to forget what you have or what you are looking for, and there’s nothing worse than getting to a record store or a show and you aren’t able to check or make sure. In comes 331/3, a record cataloging app that allows you quickly and efficiently catalog and look up what you have and what you want, as well as allowing you to link to your Spotify where you can listen to your collection on the go. 331/3 started as a small idea of something that had bothered me personally for some time but I had never seriously that about it. After talking to friends and other collectors they were all feeling the same, that there was a lack in the market for such a product. One of the biggest on the market currently is Discogs, they pride themselves on being a professional marketplace for collectors to buy, sell, and trade but seriously lack on the cataloging aspect. Many people that I had spoken with shared my same opinions and had felt that Discogs interface was confusing, hard to navigate and overall poorly designed. With 331/3 I wanted to change that. I wanted the user to be able to quickly access their collection or wish list as well as quickly be able to add to their collection without having to go through nested menus to choose the right pressing and release information. 331/3 is intended to make the life of anyone interested in vinyl easier to get started or just grow their collection.
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