After the passing of Pat O'Connor, Culture Clash took on new management and has been in a period of transition from old to new. Culture Clash has been a staple in Toledo since 2004 after the close of Boogie Records. Pat opened it up to continue to bring kindness and the love of all things music to the Toledo area. Throughout the years they have gone through many different logos and slight identity changes but the fundamental identity of the store has remained. Their current branding and corporate identity is made up of multiple separate logos and branding ranging from 2004 to the present. After looking at everything that they had Justin and I decided that we needed to give them a revamp and bring some consistency back into their brand. We started off by looking at everything that Culture Clash has currently and built upon it, we took pieces and parts to create a sort of Frankenstein of the old and new while still making it feel like that family run record shop we all know and love. With our branding we took the more punk/handmade aesthetic that the shop was built on and let it go wild. We began with bringing in hand done logos and doodles to keep that grittier feel and carried it through the whole system. Our update to the website consists of torn paper and hand-done lettering in order to keep even the digital realm feeling as if someone has physically made it and put it on the screen.
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